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"Bassin à anses mobiles, dont les extrémités pivotent dans une applique en forme de tête, surmontant une palmette : visage juvénile, aux traits épatés, dont les cheveux encadrant la face en deux masses arrondies semblent pris dans un filet"
Tempio C di Selinunte: 'Hand Made 3d Modelling for the Reconstructive Study' F. Gabellone - CNR Istituto per i Beni Archeologici e Monumentali, Lecce, Italy. 'Hand Made 3d Modelling for the Reconstructive Study of Temple C in Selinunte'.
Çatalhöyük.Excavations of a Neolithic Anatolian Höyük Çatalhöyük, Turkey. Excavations of a Neolithic Anatolian Höyük. Corner installation in Building 77
Wessex Archaeology: Saxon amber beads Cliffs End Farm: Wessex Archaeology Ltd. was commissioned by Millwood Designer Homes to excavate land at Cliffs End Farm, Ramsgate. Earlier investigations had shown that the site had been occupied during the Early and Late Bronze Age (2400-700BC) and again in the Early Saxon period (AD 410-650).
The New Acropolis Museum of Athens The Acropolis Museum is an archaeological site-specific museum, housing the most famous works of classical antiquity. These works are artistic expressions of a deep political change that transformed the ancient city of Athens during the 5th century BC, subsequently marking entire eras from antiquity to modernity. Credit Nikos Daniilidis
Brooklyn Museum Archives: Goodyear Archival Collection 52 Archaeological Museum of Naples 1895. Corridor of the Masterpieces. Brooklyn Museum Archives. Goodyear Archival Collection.
Brooklyn Museum Archives. Goodyear Archival Collection 56 Naples - Museum, 'Hall of small bronzes, stove and ewers from Pompeii'.
The entire Goodyear Archival Collection can also be found on the Brooklyn Museum Web site.
Brooklyn Museum Archives: Goodyear Archival Collection 105 Baths of Stabiae, Pompeii, 1895.
The entire Goodyear Archival Collection can also be found on the Brooklyn Museum Web site. This photo is part of The Commons on

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Wandmalerei in Ephesos von hellenistischer bis in byzantinische Zeit
L’opera di Norbert Zimmermann e Sabine Ladstätter è apparsa nel 2010 per i tipi della prestigiosa casa editrice Phoibos Verlag (Vienna).
Framing Public Life:
The Portico in Roman Gaul
L’opera di Jim Frakes è apparsa nel 2009 per i tipi della prestigiosa casa editrice Phoibos Verlag (Vienna).
Armement et auxiliaires gaulois
(IIe-Ier siècles avant notre ère)
L'opera di Lionel Pernet, pubblicata (anno 2010) dall’Éditions Monique Mergoil nella Collezione ‘Protohistoire européenne’ (PE-12) diretta da Michel Py, è strutturata in sei parti e tratta del fenomeno dell'armamento e degli ausiliari gallici durante il IIe ed il Ier secolo a.C..
Aphrodisias. City & Sculpture in Roman Asia
Architecture, Monuments & Sculpture
The book which is 47.8 by 35cms, is 240 pages. 175 full-colour plates, and plans with drawings give an amazing panorama of the marble city and its sculptures. Printed and hand-bound with exquisite Japanese cloth in Switzerland. Presented in a slipcase. text by Prof. R.R.R. Smith, Julia Lenagham, Photographs by Ahmet Ertug.
La Gaule narbonnaise. De la conquête romaine au III siècle apr. J.-C.
Pierre Gros
Paris, Picard, 2008. Cartonnage in-4 sous jaquette illustrée, 165 pages, nombreuses figures en noir et en couleurs. Index.
L'Art égéen. 1. Grèce, Cyclades, Crète jusqu'au milieu du II siècle av. J.-C.
Poursat Jean-Claude
Les manuels d'art et d'archéologie antiques. Paris, Picard, 2008. In-4 pleine toile bleue sous jaquette illustrée, 303 pages, 84 planches en couleurs, 400 figures en noir. Bibliographie, glossaire et index.
Archéologie de la France. Le Néolithique
Coordination scientifique Jacques Tarrête et Charles-Tanguy Le Roux
Préface de Jean Guilaine. Paris, Picard, 2008. In-4 broché, couverture illustrée, 433 pages, nombreuses figures en cou-leurs. Bibliographie et index.
Roman Mosaics of Britain - Volume I: Northern Britain
by David S Neal and Stephen R Cosh
This first volume of a four-volume corpus of Roman mosaics in Britain covers the north and east from Northants to Yorkshire and from Warwickshire to East Anglia; there are none in Scotland! The book begins with a general introduction on mosaics and their construction and their workshop groups, and then proceeds to the catalogue. Illuminata-Society of Antiquaries of London 2002. Available from Oxbow Books.
Roman Mosaics of Britain - Volume II: South-West Britain
by David S Neal and Stephen R Cosh
Roman Mosaics of Britain, second volume, is the culmination of more than seventy years of combined research and meticulous draughtsmanship by the authors, who are both in the forefront of mosaic scholarship. This volume contains some of the finest Romano-British mosaics ever uncovered. The South West has Britain's greatest concentration of figured mosaics, including, at Hinton St Mary, one of the earliest depictions of Christ. Several pavements illustrate scenes from Virgil's Aeneid or Ovid's Metamorphosis. Society of Antiquaries of London 2006. Available from Oxbow Books.
Roman Mosaics of Britain - Volume III: South-east Britain
by David S Neal and Stephen R Cosh
The third volume in this massive project to create the first complete corpus of the Roman mosaics of Britain covers the areas of Britain that were first to come under Roman control and where some of Britain's most impressive mosaics are to be found - in Colchester, Silchester, London and Verulamium, and in villas and palaces at Brading, Bignor, Fishbourne and Rockbourne. Society of Antiquaries of London 2009. Available from Oxbow Books.
Mosaics of Zeugma
Mehmet Önal
The discovery and rescue of the mosaics of Zeugma, the ancient Greco-Roman crossing point on the Euphrates, is regarded as the most important recent archaeological event. The book comprises some of the pavements on display in Gaziantep Museum, Gaziantep, Turkey. Publisher: A Turizm Yayınları, third printing 2005
Mosaics of Antioch
Fatih Cimok, editor
The book includes the finest of the Antioch mosaic pavements displayed in the Hatay Archaeological Museum in Antakya, Turkey. The pavements were brought to light in and around Antioch on the Orontes (Antakya), Seleucia Pieria (Çevlik) and Daphne (Defne) in 1932-37. Publisher: A Turizm Yayınları, first printing 2005
Istanbul Archaeological Museums
Alpay Pasinli
This book is intended to assist visitors to appreciate some of the works of art, wich are on display in the museums, better. All of the detailed information pertaining to these objects can be found in the works of the many scholars who have devoted their lives to their study and among whom the name of Gustav Mendel (1873-1938) should not be forgotten. Publisher: A Turizm Yayınları, fifth printing 2009


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